About the Ian Martin Group

Founded by engineers to support the needs of the industry, the Ian Martin Group has been family owned and 100% Canadian since 1957. Since then, we've been creating authentic connections around meaningful work. As North America’s most progressive recruitment and project-staffing firm, we specialize in engineering and IT recruiting to help organizations of all sizes hire better.

We're a certified B Corporation, which means we meet comprehensive standards that measure our impact on employees, suppliers, community, and the environment.

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Our Progressive Heritage

In 1957, Ian Martin and Mary Masson connected to form a consulting engineering practice. When a building contract was abruptly cancelled in 1959, Ian and Mary responded with an entrepreneurial flexibility that still exemplifies the Ian Martin brand. They contracted out their engineers, helping to complete the Ford Motor plant in Oakville, and giving birth to the Contract Engineering industry in Canada.

Over five decades later, The Ian Martin Group continues to staff dozens of nation-building engineering projects as a family business. Throughout three generations of leadership we have not wavered in our commitment to actualize the human possibility of people connected around meaningful work.

Your project needs skilled people - not another process.
Focus on the project.  Leave the hiring, contract administration, payroll, and compliance details to us.

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