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How can you hire better for your business?

Project Staff

& Contract Recruitment


You’re wasting your time on job boards and networking sites trying to find the right skills for a specific project, when your focus should be on delivery.

HIRE BETTER: tap into our network of industry experts.

Contract & Payroll Management


You're already working directly with contractors - which might be causing co-employment concerns, raising red flags around compliance, or overloading your HR & payroll team.

HIRE BETTER: keep a clean relationship with your contract workforce.




You need to hire a core team member who will be integral to your growth and success. More than just having the right skills, they need to fit your culture - because they'll help define it.

HIRE BETTER: avoid the costly pitfalls of a bad hire.

Most technical organizations struggle to stay ahead of the curve. How can your business remain agile in the face of constant industry change? Hire the skills you need on demand.

Why engineering, technical & IT leaders love working with Ian Martin


You choose the skills & experience you need

Instead of wasting time with job boards and a professional network just to find the right position for an assignment, connect with the network of qualified experts we’ve been building since 1957.

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You talk to one person

Your Ian Martin team lead is a single point of contact; you always know who to call. They work with you to develop a hiring plan and delivery timelines. They mobilize the recruiting team to find people with the skills you need.


The team finds the people you need

Dedicated industry recruiters carry your story and job opportunity to our professional networks and communities of talent. We pre-qualify candidates and do the advance setup; you select who you want to bring on to your team.

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We hire them & handle payroll

We take on the responsibilities of being the employer. We handle the contract, pay, and expenses. Our Contractor Success Team supports your project staff through the length of their assignment with you - from the first signature to final handshake. You keep a clean contract relationship with your contingent staff.


You deliver

By adding the right skills adding to your team, you can successfully deliver your project or product. When your needs change or the assignment ends, your staffing can adapt.

Your project needs skilled people - not another process.
Focus on the project.  Leave the hiring, contract administration, payroll, and compliance details to us.

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